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Top 10 Rankings Of Super Middle Weight Boxers
By Steven Francesco Simpson

1. Joe Calzaghe. Arguably the most under rated fighter in the world at the moment. Even though he is fighting Hopkins at LHW, he is likely to come straight back down to SMW for some more big name fights. He is the king of these middle divisions and will most likely retire undefeated. His performance against Kessler will remain the best of his career. His supreme work rate, hand speed and willingness to exchange with more powerful opponents is what sets him apart from the others.2. Mikkel Kessler. Lost to the only guy that could beat him in the middle divisions. Technically decent and his power is enormous. His hand speed is good enough to back up his power to make him a top fighter. He is having problems finding a big fight with big names dodging him. Expect a fight to be named with him and Winky for late May in the next few weeks. Reality will set in and Winky realises hes not going to get the fight he wants. Expect Kessler to win by Unanimous Decision.3. Anthony Mundine. This guy has been fighting bums lately, there is no doubt about that. He seems to step it up when the opposition is better. He fought well against Kessler when they fought, giving the Dane his toughest fight after Calzaghe. Judges on the night and sports commentators around the world gave the fight to Kessler by 4 rounds. Mundine has improved since then. He possesses the best defence in the division and hand speed up there with Calzaghe. His big problem is his manager who continues to make him fighting cab drivers, and also Mundines willingness to let his hands go in exchanges.4. Lucian Bute. An exciting prospect but with wins only over Berrio and Bika he can not be ranked any higher than this. Bute has good power and decent speed. Unlike Kessler he keeps his hands low and unlike the other top 3 higher ranked fighters, he is technically not correct. Saying that, Bute has his own powerful and unique style. My predictions are he will not be able to beat the higher ranked opponents. But he may get better over the next few years and if he does hes going to be a complete fighter. As of now, hes not.5. Carl Froch. Powerful but keeps his hands way to low. Lacks decent speed. But all this still should be enough to get him a win over Inkin to win the WBC title. Then expect him to fight either Mundine or Bute next up and loose. Winning the title though should be a highlight for a popular English men. Expect an early stoppage over Dennis Inkin.6. Edison Miranda. Has a bit of power but is no where near complete enough as a fighter to match it with the top 4 contenders. He has a good shot at beating Froch and the others. His fans will tell you he can do anything. But realistically his heart will help him, but it won't save him against the better fighters in the division. Edison is a likeable character and we hope he fights Pascal soon, who he should dispose of rather easily. However don't expect to many good things from Edison because he has moved up from MW into a better division, very deep with talent.7. Dennis Inkin. Not powerful enough to do any damage in the division. Technically correct but does not have any of the physical attributes to exceed at the top level. If he survives 12 rounds against Froch he could win , because its in Germany. But he likely won't.8. Sakio Bika. Popular because of the contender. But realistically he throws loopy punches which can easily be countered. Would be a good match up for Froch, he could beat Inkin, but he would loose to the top 5 fighters. A popular character though in the way he fights, similar to that of Miranda.9. Allan Green. Currently not delivering.10. Andrade. A chin of steel but not powerful enough to force his way higher in the division.Visit supermiddleweightboxing Free Live Boxing - Boxing Videos - Number 1 Boxing Site! This is a must see site for all boxing fans. Visit supermiddleweightboxing All the latest news and videos on your favorite boxing stars! Steven_Francesco_Simpson Steven_Francesco_Simpson

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