Tenant Billing Simple Purchase
Tenant Billing is an excellent computer package for maintaining records and producing bills for all rental properties. Suits Owners or managers of Factories, Houses, Flats, Condominiums, Motor Home Parks etc. One of the simplest packages available giving full control to all aspects of property management. Setting up the system involves only a few simple steps. Some of the features are;- Enter the details about each rented Property - Name, Address, Rental Amount etc. Enter details about each Tenant - Name, Address, Phone No., Contact etc. Regular and One-Time Charges Provision for State and Federal Tax Reminders (rent review date etc.) Variable Billing Periods Special Messages on Bills Optional Password Protection Auto Backups Handles up to 600 properties and Tenants. Many Reports for Income and Expenditures.
This product has a 3 month trial period after which the printing is disabled.
You can purchase the product for $75USD
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