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Top Ten Scuba Diving Trips
By Aazdak Alisimo

The world is full of excellent locations for scuba diving. Everyone has their own dream list. Here is one list of the top ten scuba diving trips although you'll probably have your own.Just try to imagine that you were given the assignment of selecting the top ten scuba diving spots in the world. It would be nice if you were given an expense account and sent to try out as many as you possibly could before paring your list down to ten. If such a dream assignment ever came your way, there is a good chance that the final list might look something like this. The following list is in no particular order as it would just be too hard to make that kind of decision.Cozumel is in Mexico. There are 19 well known reef in the area that are ideal for scuba diving and it may just have the most crystal clear water anywhere. The visibility reaches up to 200 feet along some of the reefs. Although some people prefer peace and quiet surrounding their scuba diving areas, others will be thrilled by Cozumel's wild night life. The Fiji Islands make the list also. They are called the "Soft Coral Capital of the World" and are a favorite of undersea photographers.Grand Cayman also is known for the high visibility of its waters. It is also known for the fact that its really shallow reefs sit at the edge of a 12, 000 foot abyss. The State of Florida has to be on the list because of the shear volume of scuba diving opportunities. The Gulf coast has the clearer water and the Atlantic shore has some awesome shipwrecks while the Keys offer shallow clear water teeming with aquatic life.Belize is one of those spots totally unspoiled by tourism but with one of the world's best preserved ecosystems. Heron Island off the coast of Australia sits on top of the Great Barrier Reef which should be enough said about it, but it is also another unspoiled paradise. Vanuatu which sits in the ocean between Australia and New Zealand has the most incredible diversity of aquatic life you are likely to find anywhere.Grand Turk Island is much like the Cayman Islands with shallow reefs forming the walls of a 7000 foot drop off. Hawaii lacks the clear calm waters of the sheltered coral reef islands, but it is Hawaii and when you are not scuba diving here there are only a million other things to do. The tenth and final destination is Koh Tao Island in Thailand. This island is a tourist friendly and scuba friendly location. It is famous for getting a chance to view some of the local sharks, if that is something you feel comfortable with doing.Aazdak Alisimo writes about scubadivingcompanies vacations scuba diving vacations for ScubaDivingCompanies Aazdak_Alisimo Aazdak_Alisimo

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