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The Top Six Reasons to Invest in Stress Management
By Renee Eaton

If you are in business, then stress is about as normal for you as paper clips and invoices. A healthy level of stress can contribute to your business, driving you and your employees and colleagues to come up with creative solutions and pushing you to meet deadlines.However, when stress becomes an overwhelming force in the workplace, it can become debilitating. Stress can cause undue damage to your employees and to your company as a result. Statistics Canada calculates the annual cost of work time lost to stress at more than $12 billion. The following are the top 6 reasons to invest in stress management for yourself, your employees and colleagues and the corporate benefits that can result from healthy and happy workers.1. It increases employee energy levels which leads to improved team dynamics.2. It helps employees' sleep better which increases their productivity while on the job.3. It increases employee motivation which helps them focus on tasks.4. It reduces employee tension which leads to increased alertness.5. It lowers blood pressure which improves the quality of employee work.6. It creates a positive perspective which increases work attendance.By investing in a Stress Management workshop you'll discover how your business can reap these rewards and many more. Your employees will leave these workshops feeling alive, in control of their stress and empowered. They can also work at incorporating a Stress Management Plan into their work responsibilities and develop a positive outlook to enforce it. Because when we reduce stress, everyone wins. Your employees are happier and more productive and therefore your company becomes more successful and is able to go further down the road to success.The business consulting company BizXcel publishes Generating Greatness, the bi-weekly ezine for business professionals. If you are ready to push your business to new heights, make more money, save time and improve productivity, then get your FREE tips now at bizxcel bizxcel Renee_Eaton Renee_Eaton

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