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Mailsploit: using emails to attack mail software

The most basic tenet of secure programming is this: don?t trust anything you?re planning to consume. Why? Because computer programs consume things from the outside world ? like files, cookies, voice commands, passwords and a multitude of other data ...


Software Firm Settles U.S. Security Probe Over Its Links to Russia

A telecom software company has agreed to resolve a criminal investigation of its use of uncleared Russian nationals working in Russia on a U.S. defense project by implementing a security plan that American officials hope will serve as a new industry model.


Using software, researchers predict tumor markers that could be immune targets

University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center scientists have developed a software program that can accurately predict which tumor-specific markers will show up on the surface of leukemia cells in patients who have received stem cell ...


3 tips for selecting the best project management software for your business

1. Evaluate your internal environment. Gather all the details about your business and how it operates. Factor in company size, hierarchy, how departments and units are structured, and how they interact. Also, analyze products or services, culture, and the ...


The best free video editing software: Great tools for YouTube stardom and more

The best free video editing software can be surprisingly good. The choices vary widely and include include scaled-down, trial versions of professional suites, open-source alternatives with a plethora of features, and simple applications aimed at home video ...


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