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Top 4 Relationship Questions To Ask Your Partner
By Lucy Doyle

There is a well known saying which states that "Love Is Blind". We have all felt it: we meet someone, fall head over heels in love, we start a relationship which hopefully becomes a steady one, but often don't take the time to really get to know our partner. Most people believe that they know their partner completely, yet you'd be amazed at how little they really know about the truly important issues.Most people fail to ask their partner the really important questions and rush into a long termed commitment and marriage. It's hardly surprising that divorce rates are so high; people simply don't know each other well enough before they tie the knot. If you want to be sure you end up with the right partner, you need to take the time to ask the important questions.Here are 4 Relationship Questions To Ask Your Partner1. How does your partner see your future together -- This is a crucial question to ask. Many men and women spend years with their partners only to discover that they don't ever want to get married. Even if you're in love, there's little point in spending more and more time with someone who doesn't see the future as you do.2. Does your partner want children -- Your partner may see the two of you spending your life together but he or she may not wish to have children, or perhaps not the same number of children as you do. If that is the case, your relationship will not last. Many couples leave this subject until after the marriage ceremony. That is a huge mistake. Make sure that you see eye to eye on this issue.3. Where does your partner want to live -- Some people want to live in cities while others in small towns and rural areas. Needless to say, where you live can make a huge difference in how your life will be. There's no point to find out where your partner wishes to live until after you get married. You have to know the answer to this question beforehand.4. How does your partner see the home you both shall make together -- This isn't a simple question but it's an important one. You need to know your partner's religious views, how he or she believe your children should be raised, does he believe that your career is important or that you need to stay at home with the kids, how he views traditional male -- female roles, does he or she wish to buy a home or rent. It's really a lot of small, but oh so important relationship questions which together make out how your home will look. There's room for compromise here, but if the differences between you are too great, you may not be compatible.These 4 questions are just a sample of the questions you need to ask your partner in order to be sure you will have a happy future together. Don't fail to ask these and other questions. It can save you a lot of heartbreak later on.To discover more relationship questions you have to know about, click here: squidoo questionsforcouples Questions For Couples You Have To Know About.Lucy Doyle wrote a review about questions you have to ask before committing. To read here review, click here: squidoo questionsforcouples More Relationship Questions To Ask Your Partner. Lucy_Doyle Lucy_Doyle

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