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Top 5 Ways To Lose Money Online   by Ivan Cuxeva

The Internet is saturated with information related to how one can make money online. Any rational person knows that not all of this information can be true. Secondly, no one would put out this much information unless they had something to gain from it. So instead of looking at how you can make the most money online (something that every other person online seems to know), let's instead look at how you can easily lose money online: 1. Buy multiple money making products - Yes, this is the easiest way to lose money online. You can buy one after another product, but never apply any of it due to information overload. Buying products won't get you anywhere, applying a couple of good ones will. 2. Taking the sales letters at face value - Instead of reading sales letters for any product or service, do a search on Google to see how effective it really is. Search using multiple keyword combinations to search for scam reports, reviews, and independent analysis from competitors. Thanks to the advent of the 'hidden' disclaimers, many marketers are even willing to outright lie in their sales letters. 3. Joining MLM programs - Majority of the people do not have the tools and/or expertise to succeed in a MLM program. Most people end up losing much of the money they invest in the program and never recover it. Anything that requires a monthly auto-ship, and requires you to 'recruit' more people into the program should be treated as an MLM scheme. 4. Join the lists of popular gurus - You will be almost certainly be tricked into purchasing many products that you have no need of, neither will they help you immediately. 5. Spend too much time online - There's a whole world on the Internet, and it is easy to waste time without doing anything. To make the most of your time, spend most of it offline, doing the things you need to get done in a Word document or a notepad file. Then simply go online and copy-paste/submit whatever you need to. You will be surprised how much time you can save through this. The only thing you should do online is research your next niche/task at hand. Simply turn these things around, and you will be able to increase your earnings radically. The best way is to stick with one thing until you have mastered it and are ready to move onto the next part.

Your best bet is to begin with a free practicalinternetmoneyInternet marketing ebook that presents you with practical ways to make money online. This way, you limit your time and money investments and are guided by a good practicalinternetmoneymake money ebook that doesn't cost you a thing.

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