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Making A Good Content Site

Making a Content SiteAuthor: David TurnbullArticle:Basic Steps
    Find a Topic
    News Feeds
    Find a Topic. Think of what you like, or enjoy. If you have apassion for something you will find it easier to create thesite, and will already have an advantage when moving ontowriting the content, or advertising the site. You could go thealternative route and find a topic with really high payingkeywords, but these markets are usually highly saturated.Research. Find out how many people actually want informationrelated to your topic. It's pointless to make a content site onsomething that:
    a)doesn't exist
    b)no one has heardof
    Don't focus on the aspect that gets too many searchesthough, unless you believe you can get a good ranking still.Focus on mid-range search terms, for highly specific keyphrases.
    Note! Use variations of your keywords, somepeople use the term Soccer, whilst others use Football. For agood tool to check out how many people are search for what, tools.seobook general/keyword clickhere.
    Don't forget to check out your competition, seewhat they offer, and decide whether you can offer visitors more, or better content. If your site isn't an improvement, why wouldthey visit?Domain. Looking at what people are searching for and try toinclude those keywords/phrases in your domain, don't gooverboard with something like golfbagsballsclubsshoespants -2 or 3 words is usually a good length for a domain. Content. The most laboring part of the content site process -the content. If you want the biggest profit you'll spend sometime writing the articles yourself - remember clean, concisepunctuation and grammar and no 1337 speak. If you: are lazy, have extra money, can't write well, then find an article writingcompany, you can usually get great articles for $15-$20 perarticle. Media. I always like to add a media page to my content sites.Just a page with photos, drawings, diagrams, videos, or evendownloads. You may not need one of these, but it's justsomething I like to do. It could make the users experience atyour site more enjoyable also. Site Design. You don't need to be a pro designer to makesomething that looks decent. Pick up a copy of Dreamweaver, useFrontpage, or go back to basics with good old Notepad. Make abasic, quick loading design that is still appealing to visitors.If you can't be bothered then just Google for 'free webtemplates' and you'll get thousands upon thousands of listings.After you have the design integrate all the content etc into it.I usually aim for 5 good quality pages, but that depends on yourtopic/laziness. Optimization. Time to get your site optimized for searchengines. Here are just a few basic things you can do to help:
      Title Tags: Unique & Relevant Title tags for eachpage.
      Meta Tags: Unique & Relevant Meta tags for eachpage.
      Page Names: Use filenames such asbuy_golf_clubs instead of bgc
      H1 Tags: Use h1 tags on each of your pages headings, andthen h2on subheadings etc.
      Advertising. Find forums, directories, top sites & websitesrelevant to your niche.
        Forum: Register, and try tobe as helpful as possible, add the link to your site in yoursig, and traffic will start. Try to get 'respect' in thecommunity.
        Directories: Submit to as many relevantdirectories as possible, to increase the number of back links toyour site.
        Top Sites: Not as common these days, but topsite lists are adecent source of traffic/page rank.
        Websites: E-Mailowners of relevant websites and request a link exchange.
        Ad Placement. When you start to receive traffic you can monetizeyour site. Sign up for a program such as Google Adsense andplace your ads within, and above your content. Make the adsblend in with your content & links, and use the channels featureto decide which placements are working well or not. News Feeds. An extra feature which is good to have is newsfeeds. Using RSS add some relevant news to your pages to keepyour site contents fresh, and give your visitors a reason tocome back. :turnbullsblogDavid Turnbull is along-time blogger & online writer. He owns multiple sites suchas turnbullsblogDrawing Tips, wiigaminWii Gamin', and his blog: turnbullsblogTurnbull's Blog

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