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The Top 3 Steps to Successful Article Writing
By Al Lifeson

It is a fact the vast majority of all would-be article marketers fail. Even sadder is they consider themselves failures after writing fewer than 10 articles. As bad as that is for the failing author, it is equally good for those willing to keep on going past the point of majority failure.There are three thing you can do to write successful articles.1) Pick a great title - The title is also your link text on the articles directory. It is what people will click on to get to your article. Your title should make the reader want to learn more about what it says. If your articles are not getting read, chances are your title is not as good as it should be. If the title is a failure, so is the article. It is that simple. A good place to look for examples of good titles is to look at the most viewed articles in the category you choose.2) Choosing the right category - Obviously, if you place your football article under the baseball category, your are doomed to fail. The bottom line is to choose the narrowest possible category. You should also try to stick to categories that are not so saturated with writers that your articles get pushed off the first page almost as soon as they are published. The more specific your category choice the more targeted you visitors will be.3) Getting the readers to click to your site - A reader that doesn't click through to your site may as well be reading someone else's articles. The blog says the average conversion rate in around 14%, but I generally get at least double that. Whether or not the reader clicks depends entirely on the offer you make them in the bio box.Article writing is a great way to promote your products, but only if done right. With a great title in the right category, a good article can get a lot of very targeted visitors to your site very quickly. But without a strong title in the right category, your readers will never see the offer you have for them at the end of the article.Let me show you how get your readers to clicktargetputting art targetputting art Al_Lifeson Al_Lifeson

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