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Top 3 Criteria That Makes a Good Web Site
By Kurt Eyman

Providing you site with the essential that keep visitors coming backWhen working on a new Web site for your company, whether it large or small, it is important to remember that a good Web site is one that will keep people coming back. What makes a Web site "good" varies from person to person. Some might put an importance on appearance while others prefer a strong usability. If you can meet all the criteria for what is important to a good Web site then yours can be great.1. Appearance Nobody wants to look at a boring Web site but if it is too flashy some might be turned away. Finding a good balance between too fancy and boring is the key to unlocking great Web site design. Colors can be used to draw an emotional feeling from people, which in turn can enhance their willingness to buy. The psychology of colors is proven to work and is used by professional web designers to manipulate different messages to the users. A design should never be too complex or confusing. It should also resemble the business and what products or services you offer.2. Site PurposeBefore developing a Web site you need to set objectives and ask yourself how you want people to benefit from your Web site. The content of your Web site should always be kept up to date. It is easy to tell when a Web-site has not been updated. This reflects poorly on the company because a homepage is like its resume. You also want the content of your Web site to reflect the main goal and what it is you are trying to do for the world.3 UsabilitySince the internet provides so much information, it's hard to grasp people's attention and keep them on your site. One of the biggest turn-offs for site visitors is poor usability. A web site should be simple and easy to use. The navigation should be easily accessed on every page of your site. Visitors should never have to click more than 4 times reach a specific page. A general rule understood by most professional Web site designers is that no more than two clicks should be required for visitors to reach any page of the site. Complicated navigation structure will hastily frustrate your visitors and they will break off quickly if they can't find what they are looking for. Another thing to keep in mind is your service provider. Your host should have great uptime (99.9%+) and boast fast transfer speeds.No matter what you are trying to accomplish with a Web site, whether if be company buzz or product sales, the main goal is to acquire traffic. The three strategies listed above are proven ways for your company to excel on the Web.Kurt is the Public Relations Manager for Kinetica Media, an Internet marketing company that works to harness the power of websites, email and search marketing for businesses so they can get and keep more customers.. Visit kineticamedia kineticamedia to see how their proven online marketing services can increase your customer loyalty & overall sales. Kurt_Eyman Kurt_Eyman

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