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Top Tips for Buying Your Snowboard
By Toby Russell

If you’re interested in snowboarding, you will need to find out which length and width board is best for you. Both of these factors are critically important to the success of snowboarding.Understanding lengthWhen it comes to length it is important to understand that length of snowboarding equipment is measured in centimetres. In addition it is often abbreviated to the last two digits. So, for example, a Burton board that is actually 156cm in measurement would be known as a Burton 56. For a kids’ board you are probably going to be looking at a length around 100cm. Racing and power boards can run as long as 180cm.In order to find the right length for you will need to begin by comparing your height. Start by holding the board on its end. You can expect the short end of the board to rest somewhere between your chin and collar bones. Be aware that shorter boards are typically easier to manoeuvre, therefore making them great boards if you are just learning to snowboard. Because they are easier to manoeuvre many individuals who like to do a lot of trick riding also prefer shorter boards.You can expect a medium size board to fall between your nose and chin. This type of board is typically best for an intermediate and advanced rider. This is a good board for riders who prefer a variety of different terrain.Long boards will rest anywhere from eye-level up to several inches above the top of your head. For deep powder snowboarding and large mountain terrain, this is an excellent choice.Consider your own body weightIf you happen to be heavy for your height it is important to look for a snowboard that has a stiffer flex. On the other hand, riders who are lighter for their height should consider boards with a softer flex.When it comes to width it is important to understand that this often involves some level of personal preference; however, it is also important to consider foot size when choosing the width of a board. For example, if you have a small foot you should look for a narrow board. On the other hand, riders with larger feet should consider wider.Trying it for sizeAfter you have taken all of these factors into consideration, the next step in locating the right size snowboard for you is to try it on. Stand on the board while it is flat on the ground and then step into the bindings. Be sure to angle them as you would when you ride. Your boots should come either flush to or slightly over the sides of the snowboard. This is important because if your feet are not close enough to the edge you won’t be able to get the proper pressure while snowboarding and that is imperative for proper turns.Toby Russell and his website snowboardinglatest snowboardinglatest offers help, advice and news to all those interested in the fast moving, popular sport. Toby_Russell Toby_Russell

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