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How to get some links to your website
Author: Craig Randall
The hardest part about having a website is getting people to
visit it. You have made the best looking website in the world
but unless anyone can find it it is just pointless. There are
many simple ways that you can get extra people to visit you
without even spending a single penny. Here are a few simple
things you can do to receive extra hits for free.
Web Directories
Web directories such as Dmoz and the Yahoo directory are a good
place to start. Try adding yourself to as many web directories
as possible. Also try searching for web directories that relate
specifically to the topic relating to your website. For quality
links it's is best not to join websites who you have to link
back to. You may find there are small charges to pay in order
not to have to link back to them but they will be wroth it in
the long run. Blog Comments
The Internet is full of blogs. These are online diaries where
people can post articles and thoughts about topics of their
choice. It is best to do a search for blogs relating to your
website topic. Blogs allow visitors to leave comments on posts.
When you post a comment you can add your web link to the
comment. By doing this you receive and extra link to your
website which may generate more visitors. Forum Posting
A similar method to posting blog comments is posting in forums.
Once again it is best to find a forum that relates to your
website's topic. Most forums allow you to have a signature in
your post. By placing a link to your website into your signature
you create an automatic link to your website with each post.
Various topsites are a great way to receive hits to your
website. Topsites are normally category specific, which means
the visitors you receive from the topsites, will be looking for
websites that relate to yours. There are many top 25, top 50,
top 100 etc topsites on the Internet for a huge array of topics.
The only downside to joining a topsites page is that you usually
have to place a link back to the topsites page. Affiliate Schemes
Many websites offer affiliate schemes. This allows you to trade
links with each other to place on your websites. It is common
for people to affiliate with other websites who offer a similar
service or provide information about the same topic as their own
website. If you have a business it may be harder to affiliate
with other websites as no one wants to link to their
competitors. Web Rings
Web rings are a collection of web sites of a certain category
all in a database that people look through. Usually one website
is show with a button called next which will bring up the next
website and so on and so forth.
craigrandall Craig Randall is the
owner of the following businseses:
webgrafix WebGrafix and
bitzbox BitzBox

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