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Introduction to Chinese Learning Software

Chinese learning has been popular and useful for a very long time. So far a lot of Chinese learning software packages have been released. It is very important for our learners to choose a very suitable one to start our Chinese learning journey. Today I mainly hope to tell
you 3 Chinese software programms: Rocket Chinese learning software, Chinese Tutor Software, Rosetta Stone Chinese software.
Rocket Chinese learning software is a program that is sutable to the new learners and those having some Chinese learning basis both.
First, this software can be very comfortable to use. Why? Because this software is very convenient to you. You can use it at home as well as at work. When you are at home, you can choose to insert it into yourputer. You can watch and listen at the same time. Whereas, if you are working, you can put it into your audio recorder to listen. Or of course, you can do while you are travelling on the other hand.
Second, this program includes Chinese audio lessons, grammar, and Chinese culture as well as games. So you have many choices and you will never feel dull when you take this one to learn. This program will teach you by different pronunciations Chinese people use, you will feel the real Chinese.
The second one Chinese Tutor Software has great features too, which tells you to build your own vocabulary and how to understand Chinese alphabet(Pinyin) for the preparation of your Chinese character pronunciation later and so on.
This software includes Export and Import dictionaries, whose aim are to teach you Chinese vocabulary. And this software has flash cards that can help you to understand Pinyin. Certainly you can also share others' dictionaries and submit your own as well. For this program you may download free from the Internet.
Third one is Rosetta Stone Chinese. Probably you have heard of it a great many times. Like the Rocket Chinese learning software, this one is very convenient for you to learn. You may use it at home as well as you are busy. However, this software has a good feature: natural
This one does not seriously teach you grammar rules as others often do. It teaches you as you learned your mother tongue long time ago. You can learn from the basic level to the most advanced level.
First, it shows you the basic Chinese, then phrases, then sentences, and conversations at last. you will feel easy to learn.
Besides, this one provides you with some assistant tools like audiopanion, and earphones.
To sum up, no matter what kind of software you choose, your aim is to learn Chinese well. But don't go to extremes. Any language cannot be learnt in one day. So be patient to use the assistant tool to better your Chinese.
I am now 23 years old, Chinese, male. I have got a university diploma and the Bachelor Degree. My favourite is wrting. In my college life I learned a lot about language learning. And I have touched some languages and learned something. Certainly I have accumulated relatively abundant experience. After I graduated from my university, I found the job I am doing in a smallpany. This job is about the foreign language learning online and using certain learning tools. I like language very much and hope to make a difference later. By the way I like singing and Chinese calligraphy.

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